Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quick Tip: Shiny and Strong Hair

A quick tip for keeping your hair strong, shiny, and healthy, is to use  a mix of moisture and protein. Too much moisture alone will make the hair soft and flat, while too much protein will cause the hair to get hard and brittle.

I am currently using two different deep conditioners. I rotate between them, one is for moisture and the other is protein also known as keratin. The problem that I face is that I have very long hair, but my scalp is very oily. I don't want to wash my hair every day, but in case I do, I always use deep conditioners (so my ends do look dry and frizzy). I never deep condition my scalp, I apply the deep conditioner starting at shoulder's and working down. If your hair is extremely dry and your scalp doesn't get oily, then you can apply directly to the scalp.         
I usually leave in on for about 10 min, and rinse with cool water. The moisturizing deep conditioner I'm currently using is by Joico, this one is called K-Pak. The protein deep conditioner I'm currently is using is by it's a 10, with keratin plus. These can be found easily online, and at certain salons that carry them.

This is just a friendly tip for hair care. Thank you for reading along!


  1. Your tips about HOW TO REDUCE HAIR FALL is really useful for me..Thanks for your information. Expecting more info about how to strengthen the hair in your site......

    1. My main focus is skincare but I will add more info on hair care in the near future!!! Thank you for reading along.


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