Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I want to blog about Hyperpigmentation today. Hyperpigmenation is pretty much a harmless skin condition that causes certain areas of the skin to get darker. This is caused by the over production of melanin in the skin. It also has many names age spots, liver spots, acne scars, and the "mask of pregnancy" for some women.

If you have acne or get a pimple you usually notice once it has gone away it leaves behind a dark spot. Usually over time your skin will go back to normal and the dark spot will shrink and be gone. Most people want this process to speed up and need some help. That's where using something topical can help such as Retin-A, AHA and BHA's will work.

If you are starting to get sun spots you will notice it on your forehead and cheeks first. Your skin will not go back to normal with sun spots on it's own, this does require a topical treatment. Depending on the severity of it, you can get a prescription from your Doctor or purchase an over the counter product. Typically Hydroquinone is used to lighten the skin. If you are allergic to Hydroquinone, you can use Retin-A or Kojik Acid.

Also, with using these products do not for get to wear sunscreen!!

Pregnancy can also cause hyperpigmentation in some women. This is called the "mask of pregnancy". During pregnancy hormones are out of control and this can cause an increase in melanin for some women. Usually it happens on the face or it can happen on the stomach too. After birth the skin should go back to normal.

In my next blog I will recommend products for Hyperpigmentation.

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