Thursday, August 16, 2012

Great Inexpensive Fade Cream

Concha Nacar de Perlop #3 is a wonderful bleach cream. I chose this product because of the great ingredients it contains as well as it's effectiveness to work. This product is very affordable, at under $6 per jar, and you can easily purchase it at Target and Walgreens I believe. This product does not contain Hydroquinone. This is a "natural skin lightener". I would still recommend a patch test of this product before you put it on your face, on the neck would be fine.This product is great for clearing acne, lightening dark spots, and is a great deep pore cleanser. The mix of these ingredients help to moisturize, exfoliate, lighten the skin, create cell turn over and draw out impurities.

This product contains: glycerin, zinc oxide, ground barley, water, oyster shell powder, lemon juice, honey, witch hazel, betonite, papain, Irish moss powder, salicylic acid, and fragrance.

This product is a mask and must be applied to clean skin. Apply it by gently rubbing it into the skin and leave it on for 45-60 min. Rinse and moisturize as normal. Apply this at night.

Do not use this product if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients.

To get the best results out of a product typically you need to use it for 8 weeks, so please do not expect a miracle in one try. Also you may experience a minor breakout while first using this, as it is drawing out impurities in the skin.

Thank you for reading a long!! More product recommendations to come.

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