Thursday, August 30, 2012

Que Bella Dead-Sea Mud Mask Review

Earlier in the day I was at Target, and I saw a row of about five different packages, that were masks. They were individual, one time use packages. The brand is Que Bella Bath & Beauty. I was easily intrigued when I saw the price was only $1.99-$2.04 per package! The package says they use "80% natural product", not too bad if you ask me. I purchased the "detoxify dead-sea mud mask". The mix of dead-sea minerals is to deep clean pores and refresh tired skin. I like that this mask contains kaolin clay, bentonite, natural beeswax, and seaweed extract. All great for the skin. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients,please do not purchase this mask.

I had to give this mask a go, I cleansed my skin and I applied the mask.
I left the mask on for 15 minutes, like the directions say to. The mask it self is a very light blue color, thick and creamy texture. It is easy to apply, and it spreads well on the skin. It has a light scent to it, it definitely does not smell like mud or ocean! Once I had applied the mask, I noticed there was still plenty left in the package, so if you wrap it up well you can get one or even two more applications out of it. I rinsed my skin, and I really like how my skin looked after. My skin did look refreshed, smooth and clear. I would purchase this mask again, as well as try the other ones by this product line.

Happily using my dead-sea mask.

I purchased this product at Target, I'm not sure if all Targets carry this line in their stores, if not you can check the companies website and from there, you can search what stores carry them.

I hope you found this blog helpful and thank you for reading along!


  1. I tried this one one too. Loved it!!!

  2. I also tried dead sea mud mask package and it really worked. Firstly I avoid to apply on my face but one of my friend says to me that its good for skin so I applied and suggest every one for this package.

  3. I have this on my face right now! Since you liked it, I'm really excited to see my face in 15 minutes!

    1. Great!! I'm happy you tried it, how did you like it?

  4. Have this on my face right now .lets see what happens ? Its a lil bit itchy is that okay ?

  5. How does Dead Sea products Help My Skin?Does it works for everyone?Does it worth the price? Is It the same products with ( )?
    please send me more details a bout dead sea products.

  6. Wearing the mask while reading! I hope it shows some nice results :)
    xo Ali

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  8. I have definitely noticed a difference now that I have been using dead sea mud mask for over a month. I had some slight red patches on my face that I've had for years and after about a week of using this consistently I started to see the was less noticeable, less red, my face looked clearer. I'm not afraid to go makeup free now.


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