Monday, July 30, 2012


Moisturizer is essential for ALL SKIN types including OILY AND ACNE prone skin. It is best to use two different types of moisturizers, one for daytime and one for night time. Use a moisturizer that is meant for you skin type as well. All products used must be oil free.

ALL SKIN types should be using a daytime moisturizer with at least SPF 30 in it. It can be hard to find a moisturizer with SPF 30 in it, a lot of brands only have SPF 15, which is better than nothing. My next blog I will get in to recommending products. You don't need more than SPF 30 on your face, the higher the SPF the more chemicals that are in it.

Now, if you have SENSITIVE SKIN only use a moisturizer that has ZINC OXIDE and TITANIUM DIOXIDE as the active SPF ingredient. These sunscreens will not irritate the skin as some others might

A night time moisturizer should not have any SPF in it, it is unnecessary. Your skin type will lead you to the type of night moisturizer you need. All products used should be oil free.

DRY SKIN/NORMAL should be using a hydrating and replenishing moisturizer at night. This doesn't have to be a heavy thick cream, just a cream with rich and hydrating ingredients.

OILY/ACNE SKIN should use a night moisturizer with a Hydroxy Acid in it to help keep the skin clean and help reduce breakouts. This should have a nice blend of moisturizing ingredients and acids to keep the skin soft and supple as well. It should also be a light weight moisturizer, nothing too heavy on oily skin types.

SENSITIVE SKIN needs to be using a very lightweight moisturizer or a gel depending on the severity of sensitivity. The night moisturizer needs to have soothing and calming ingredients in them. This will help calm any irritation acquired during the day.

Next blog will be about.......PRODUCTS!!!

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