Friday, July 27, 2012

Cleansing Routine

I will write about products soon, I just want to get everyone familiar with a cleansing routine.

DRY SKIN should be using a gentle gel cleanser, cream, or milk face wash. If anti aging is a concern, it is okay to use a cleanser with AHA and BHA ( Alpha Hydroxy Acid , Beta Hydroxy Acid ) to help with fine lines about three nights out of the week. It is best to alternate cleansers such as a cream or milk cleanser in the morning, and a gel cleanser at night. Cream and milk cleansers are best in the morning as to not dry out the skin even more so early in the day. A gel cleanser is best at night to make sure your remove all the build up from the day such as make up, sweat, pollution, etc. Feel free to play around with products and see what works best for you, gel in the morning or cream at night.

OILY SKIN should be using a gel cleanser morning and night. Rotate three to four days out of the week with a gel cleanser that has AHA and BHA in it to help keep the skin clean and reduce breakouts. I really don't recommend cream or milk cleansers for oily skin because it is too heavy for oily skin and you will be one big shiny mess. The only time I would recommend a cream cleanser is if it has AHA and BHA in it as well as exfoliating beads.

SENSITIVE SKIN should always use products free of oil, harsh sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and perfume. Sensitive skin should rotate between a very gentle gel cleanser and a calming cream or milk cleanser. It's best to have products that soothe and calm the skin.

NORMAL SKIN AND COMBINATION SKIN should be using a gel cleanser. A cream or milk is fine as well.

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