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Suffering from dry skin can be very unpleasant, especially during winter. The dry, cold winter air magnifies the symptoms of dry skin. If left untreated or just by simply not using the right product, dry skin will not get the relief and moisture it needs. The symptoms include flaky, patchy, irritated, itchy, red, and chapped skin. Show winter who's the boss and get your skin back to normal.

I usually blog about skincare for the face, but I wanted this post to be about the body, after all the skin is the largest organ we have.

In my opinion the best moisturizing cream is by Cetaphil. Cetaphil's moisturizing cream is by far the best, not only is it inexpensive, but it really works. Cetaphil's products are designed for sensitive skin, so it is gentle and fragrance free. This formula is meant for extremely dry skin, it is a cream not a lotion (I don't have dry skin but I love how this cream makes my skin silky soft).

The texture is smooth and creamy without feeling greasy. The formula helps seal in the moisture to the skin, so through out the day your skin still feels hydrated. If you have dry skin this product is a must, you will feel the difference in the first application. With continual use you can kick dry skin to the curb!

This product is wonderful and does exactly what it says it will " Its unique formula and superior system of emollients and humectants binds water to the skin, preventing moisture loss."

For best results exfoliate your skin and apply this as soon as you get out of the shower. Leave the skin a little damp and apply.

I purchased this cream for $11.99 at Target. I believe CVS carries it, but for a higher price. This can also be purchased online.


  1. I love this product! I just bought some last night. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep in touch!

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    1. This cream is the best, happy you love it too!

      Thank you for taking a peak too!!

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  6. i love cetaphil, especially the gentle cleanser! thanks for following my blog! i love skin care and your blog is lovely following now xx

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    I am always looking for moisturizers, specially for my face because my skin is very delicate. Thanks for reviewing this I might try it! Keep in touch, xx

    1. This is a great body moisturizer!! Dermalogica has great products for the face too!

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